Wedding Application

Wedding Application

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Please find helpful information in relationship to planning your wedding activities. Review the guidelines and information included here.


Our facility is available to you for your wedding ceremony as well as the activities associated with this wonderful event and shall be approved, scheduled and coordinated by church staff on a first come first serve basis; your wedding date will then be placed on the calendar once this Wedding Request is completed, submitted (returned) and the checks for building use are received.


Fees and Deposits a) Fees will be paid with the request form. Make checks payable to the Sawyer Evangelical Church.

  • $50.00 Building Use Fee
  • $100.00 Security deposit. (This is a separate check that will be returned to the responsible party upon conformation that the facility is adequately cleaned and without harm).
  • $30.00 Custodial Fee. (A detailed cleaning will be conducted by our custodian).
  • $25.00 Use of Outpost with no expectation for use of activity center
  • $50.00 Use of Outpost with expectation for use of activity center/restrooms. This requires two (2) valid checks written to the Sawyer Evangelical Church, 1) Building use and Custodian (non refundable) 2) Security Deposit (returned upon confirmation that the facility is adequately cleaned and without harm)

** Events designed for the participation of active Sawyer Church attendees are exempt from these charges.

  • Your use of the Activity Center will involve our Hospitality Committee, the Chairperson must be contacted as part of your planning and will be glad to help you orient yourself when using the facilities, equipment and supplies.
  • We can provide changing rooms for men and women.
  • We have no Isle Runner or Candelabras.
  • You are responsible for picking up a key to the building.
  • You are responsible for your own set up and take down, to be verified by a designated church member.
  • You are responsible for cleaning all areas of use thoroughly and returning all equipment used to its original location. Brooms are located in the broom closet in the Activity Center.
  • You are responsible to empty the garbage cans and place garbage in the dumpster outside of the activity center. Trash bags are located in the cupboard under the hand washing sink in the kitchen.
  • You are responsible to turn off all lights throughout the building and lock all doors before leaving; drop key in the drop box located at the end of the serving counter and exit through the Service Door and it will automatically lock on its own.



  • NO smoking or alcoholic beverages on the premises.
  • NO Food or drink in the Sanctuary.
  • Please do not use rice in the recessional line.
  • Please be responsible for your safety and the safety of your wedding party and guests.

Responsible party agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Sawyer Evangelical Church and its members from liability and expense (including legal expense) by reason of any injury or damage to any person or property arising in connection with the used of the facilities, notwithstanding that such damage or injury may have been caused by the negligence of the church or its members. The church council reserves the right of final decision as the the use of the property and any equipment and may revoke any "permit for use" if such action is deemed necessary.


Our Church staff is willing to aid in the preparation and implementation of wedding plans. -Please indicate your staff needs on this Wedding Request Form.


Make arrangements with the Sawyer Church Pastor

  • Pre-Marital counseling is required.
  • If you are using other Clergy you will want to indicate it on this Wedding Request form. That individual is required to speak with the Sawyer Church Pastor to review wedding plans.
  • Minimum suggested Clergy honorarium is $100.00.
  • Please use cash or write your check to the individual Clergyman and make your payment at the rehearsal.


You will be responsible to arrange for Organist and Vocal music. Church trained sound technicians MUST be arranged for musicians or arrangements for instrumental accompaniment recordings.

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