Men’s Ministry

The men’s ministry involves a variety of activities, meals, projects as well as service opportunities.  Several study and small groups are available as well as a yearly retreat.

Relating to God like a Man

“A man’s natural barriers frustrating his quest for God.”

When a man understands his unique relationship with God he is liberated to function in that role and discover the Christian life as a fulfilling experience. When a man struggles with these things, he concludes that spirituality is just not available to him and that he is somehow beyond of the grace of God.

Loving females often misunderstand a man’s resistance to faith as a permanent rejection of God. The woman then looses patience and the man puts up greater resistance.

Consider this…

– Men relate to God uniquely

– Men do spirituality different than women

– Sometimes the model for spirituality is more conducive to women we feel guilty or left out.

– Matthew 10:1-15 Jesus sends out the 12 disciples 12 very different men

– Romans 12:1-2 Be not conformed but be transformed

– Rev. 12:10 Satan accuses us that we are not spiritual

1) Men tend to be action oriented

– Can fix anything, Testosterone, Adrenalin, etc, Action movies

– Peter was always moving   Give me a job to do and I’m happy

De-motivation; Men get restless when he doesn’t have something to do,

– Looses his drive, looses motivation, gets lazy

– Spiritually; action orientation makes it difficult to appreciate the value of Sabbath Rest,

– Learn to recognize God’s voice in the quiet experience

– I Kings 19, After a huge activity with the prophets of Baal, when things quiet down Elijah gets discouraged.   I’m the only one left.

2) Men tend to be less verbal

– Men don’t always feel it is necessary to express themselves

– De-motivation; become frustrated, backed into a corner when forced to talk

– use up our words on other things

– Ex. 8:30 Moses uses discomfort in talking as an excuse with God

– Spiritually; this makes it difficult to pray, witness, talk about intimate things

– Prayer Problems ; Poor example is public prayer; Mind wondering

3) Men often tend to be analytical

– Wants everything to come to a logical analytical, conclusion

– To extreme we do not accept anything we cannot dissect when that doesn’t work we become critical or cynical of what we cannot figure out.

– Lots of guys will not accept God because they cannot figure Him out.

– Spiritually; it tends to make faith difficult

– John 3 Nicodemus came to Jesus asking analytical questions

– Jesus responds in 3:16 challenging him to Believe

– Faith is based on evidence; the person who says they only believe what they can prove is a liar, we often engage in things we cannot prove. Driving car, eating at restaurant

4) Men like to be in charge

– We like to feel that we are in charge of things

– Men don’t take advice easily, Don’t let others do things for us

– De-motivation; We tend to become apathetic toward a project when we are not in charge or making an influential contribution.

– Spiritually; it makes surrender difficult – We resist brokenness

– Everyone God has used He has first broken

– II Cor 11:16-12:13 Paul speaks of his weakness and his trials v.9 grace is sufficient

5) Men tend to resist change

– Men may resist change more than women

– Women are forced to change throughout life

– The Pharisees resisted change when Christ arrived on the scene

– Spiritually; resistance to change makes it hard for men to enter into Spiritual Transformation

– Resisting change a man tends to loose direction

– The threat of personal change is a huge barrier to many men

– not sure I want to change, not sure I can change

6) Men limit relationships

– Some men struggle with intimacy, don’t want to get too close, too vulnerable

– Men tend to lean toward being loaners

– Men want to be in control of the level of intimacy they permit in a relationship. We always want a back door.

– Spiritually; A deep relationship with Christ leads one to surrender to God and fellowship with others. Total Surrender is scary to man.

– Demotivated ; men enter into false intimacy relationships more than women.

– Men tend to replace relationships with work.

– More than anything Christ wants to be in relationship with us

John 1 The Word became flesh and dwelt among us